BoomaBooth Rentals

With a vast range of services on offer, the most acclaimed is the Boomabooth rental from 6ix Photobooths. Bringing the photo booth experience into the 21st century, the Boomabooth rental service offers cutting-edge technology, excellent customer service, and memorable moments for every type of event.

BoomaBooth Photo Booth Rentals

Why Should You Rent a BoomaBooth For Your Event?

This BoomaBooth is a digital stand-alone photo booth that can captures photos and is also capable of recording Boomerangs. It  allows you to enjoy the booth using virtual props while taking a picture using face detection and tracking just like Snapchat. The sleek design and the overall functionality will provide for next level entertainment at your event. Our BoomaBooth Photo Booth rentals are great for any event.

A Digital Guestbook

All event photos and boomarangs will be supplied to you in a digital download post event. Since these pictures are digitally sent to the host of the event, it is a sure way of having a digital guestbook for your day.

Customisable Photo Booth Rental

When it comes to customisation, our Photo Booth Rental is second to none. We provide a variety of options to tailor the photo booth experience to suit your special event. With a range of unique props, custom backdrop designs, and different booth styles, you can personalise the service to match your theme and vision.

Type of Event

At 6ix Photobooths, we are not limited to any particular type of event. We have catered to countless corporate functions, intimate parties, grand weddings, and numerous other social gatherings. No matter the occasion, our Boomabooth rental service adds a unique, fun-filled, and interactive element to your event, making it a memorable one for all attendees.

BoomaBooth Rentals

It Creates a Great Talking Point

At a event, everyone loves posing for a picture! The Boomabooth from 6ix photobooths is a sure way of not only getting your guests to pose for a picture, but also get them to talk about the awesome features of the BoomaBooth. Many guests have never seen anything like it! Impress your guests with a one-of-a-kind photo experience.

Comprehensive Photo Booth Services

We offer comprehensive photo booth services that go beyond the ordinary. This includes instant photo printing, online photo album creation, and the option to share photos instantly on social media. The digital photo booth feature allows guests to take fun selfies, group photos, or GIFs and share them immediately online. This is not just a rental; it’s a fully immersive, interactive, and digital photo experience.

Affordable Photo Booth Packages

At 6ix Photobooths, we offer a variety of photo booth packages to accommodate different budgets and requirements. Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large-scale event, our packages are designed to provide maximum value and enjoyment. You can choose from different booth styles, custom backdrops, props, and other add-ons to make your event truly unique and memorable.

Great Means of Social Media Sharing

With the BoomaBooth, it will be impossible for your guests to stop at only one picture. Furthermore, your guests will be able to directly share onto Facebook, Instagram and email themselves the pictures in real time from the booth.

Rent a BoomaBooth
BoomaBooth for events

Suitable for All Ages

Although the Boomabooth is more advanced than the traditional photo booth rental, they can still be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is not complicated to use and the instruction on the screen are intuitive.

Add a Comic Element to Your Event

Be sure to get rid of any solemn or serious sides to your event with the Boomabooth.  This mirror will not only give your guests to take some goofy photos, but the hosts as well! This mirror will add a great comic effect to your event that will leave your guests with nothing but smiles on their faces.

Unlimited Use

No more worrying about limited prints or usage. Use the booth all night and take a unlimited amount of pictures which will turn into memories for years to come. Call us today to book a BoomaBooth so that you can join this new craze.

BoomaBooth for your event

Schedule Your Own BoomaBooth

At 6ix Photobooths, we’ve built our reputation on delivering exceptional photo booth experiences. Our Boomabooth rental service offers an unforgettable experience that your guests will love. We are more than just a photo booth company; we are your partners in capturing fun, interactive, and memorable moments. We invite you to contact 6ix Photobooths to learn more about our Boomabooth rental service and how we can help make your next event an unforgettable one.

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