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5 Reasons To Choose A Proven Toronto Photo Booth Rental For Your Next Event. Here is what we at 6ix Photo Booths offer

A picture is worth a thousand words and a photo can tell a great story at any event. That is why we are so keen to have cameras and photographers ready to capture the best moments of our weddings, birthdays and other important occasions. However, have you considered the benefits of hiring a photo booth instead? Here are 5 reasons why you should opt for us at your photo booth rental for your next party in the Toronto Area

Photo booth rentals for Toronto events are fun for all ages.

The great thing about a photo booth is that they are so user-friendly for all your guests. Therefore, you can be assured that pretty much everyone in your party will find a way to take the photos that they want. This is the same for any older relatives that recall these booths from their youth and for youngsters that have never seen this kitsch machine before. This approach is bound to bring people together. 

This is true at any type of event too. 

A photo booth rental service is a great idea for most happy occasions. They have become a big hit at weddings as a way for guests to take fun photos with each other without bothering the happy couple or pestering a photographer. They are also ideal for birthday parties, such as sweet sixteens, as well as family reunions. They aren’t just for family events either. Businesses should consider renting a Toronto photo booth for corporate events and office parties. 

You can relax a little more in a rented photo booth

There is often something a little awkward about lining up for a group shot at a wedding or a party. You suddenly feel self-conscious about your pose, your smile or whether you are in the way of someone. The results can feel staged and don’t always capture the essence of the day. The enclosed space of a photo booth lets people relax a little to have more fun. You get more interesting photos and more of them as people get into the spirit of the occasion. 

A photo booth can cut your photography costs at your event

Photographers cost money – and often a lot of it. This is an expense that feels justified at major life-changing events like weddings. Yet, it is still one more thing to find in the budget. Then there is all the hassle of working with the photographer throughout the day, and perhaps paying overtime when the event runs late. A photo booth erases a lot of that hassle. You can pay a rental fee, get the company to set it up for you and then let your guests enjoy it. 

There is instant gratification with a photo booth. 

Finally, while photographers may be the professional option, you do have to wait a long time to see any results. A photo booth means instant physical images for users as a memento of the day. Everyone gets to take home the shots that they want without hassling anyone for reprints. This is great for younger guests too that perhaps aren’t used to having those kinds of instant physical prints. On top of that, you get to go back in and retake images if you weren’t happy. It is no good finding out that someone blinked a month after the event.