360 Photo Booth Rentals

Want something to create digitally shareable content for your event? Rent a 360 Photo Booth in Toronto, Ontario.

Toronto 360 Photo Booth Rentals For Every Event

  • 360 photo booth creates motion video.
  • The circular platform can fit up to 4 people at a time while a motorized arm rotates around your guests multiple times to create some amazing video to share to their favorite social media platform.
  • We can create instant 360 videos or BOOMERANGS in slow motion, normal speed. 
  • We can also feature your logo and/or custom design on-top! One more photo booth product from Toronto’s finest to blow away your guests.
  • Add some confetti, money gun and some external LED lighting for dazzling effects your guest would love. It will definitely create a unique experience.
  • Our 360 Photo Booth rentals are available for you now.

Check out the latest 360 Video Photo Booth below.


Thanks to 360 photo booth technology, you can now capture your surroundings in a completely new and unique way. With 360-degree photos, you can take in all the sights and sounds of your surroundings with a simple spin of your phone or computer. If you are looking for a unique experience, a 360 photo booth is the perfect way to capture a moment in its entirety, and here at 6ix Photobooths in Toronto, we are taking full advantage of this new technology in order to offer unique and memorable experiences to our customers. We provide 360 photo booth rentals to residents in Toronto and the GTA.

Outstanding Photo Booth Services

At 6ix Photobooths, we go beyond the conventional to offer photo booth services that transform the event’s mood and experience. Our 360 photo booth rental brings an innovative angle to photography, providing an all-around view that captures the event’s excitement from every angle. This service is not only a digital photo booth but an interactive experience that allows guests to have fun and engage with the camera in a whole new way.

Designed for Any Type of Event

Whether you are planning a wedding, a birthday, a corporate event, or any special event, our 360 photo booth rental will seamlessly blend into the occasion, providing unforgettable entertainment and keepsakes. Our team of professional photographers and technical experts will work closely with you to understand your event’s theme and needs, ensuring that the photo booth experience complements and enhances your special event.

Unique Photo Booth Packages

We offer various photo booth packages, carefully designed to cater to different event sizes, budgets, and needs. Our packages include standard features such as custom backdrop options and prop boxes, with the flexibility to include add-ons such as social media sharing capabilities, video messaging, and more. With 6ix Photobooths, every detail counts, and we strive to make every experience unique and personalized.

The Custom Backdrop Experience

At 6ix Photobooths, we understand that every event has a unique vibe and theme. To enhance this, we offer custom backdrop options that add a unique touch to your 360 photo booth experience. Whether you prefer something classic, whimsical, or contemporary, we have a wide selection to choose from. Our team will assist you in selecting or creating a custom backdrop that matches your theme and brings your vision to life.

High-Quality Digital Photo Booths

Our 360 photo booths use the latest technology to ensure crisp, high-quality photos and videos. The innovative digital photo booth produces stunning 360-degree videos and pictures, providing a unique perspective and immersive experience. Our team will guide your guests on how to get the best out of the photo booth, from striking poses to using props, ensuring everyone leaves with a memorable token from your event.

When planning your next special event, remember that 6ix Photobooths is your go-to source for an extraordinary photo booth experience. Offering much more than the traditional photo booth rental, our Toronto 360 photo booth service brings a unique, fun, and interactive element to any event, ensuring your guests are entertained and left with unforgettable memories. To find out more about our services or to book a 360 photo booth for your next event, don’t hesitate to contact us at 6ix Photobooths.

Take a look at the video below of how it works!


Here is how your video turns out!

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